Surprise Get-Together With The FAM!!!

On Saturday we had a surprise get together for my cousin Hina.  She turned 30!!!  We celebrated by watching favorite movies from our childhood.  The first movie we watched was Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!!!!  OMG, we were so obsessed with this movie.  We still know all the words and dance moves through out the movie.  It was a blast.  We also watched To Wong Fu and Sister Act 2.  I made Watermelon Shoju, which turned out die-licious and absolutely dangerous because it tasted like juice.  Talk about waking up in the middle of the night and banging into walls on the way to the bathroom because I’m still intoxicated… next time I know better! The best part was just being surrounded by people I love and who love me back!  I’m so grateful for having such a tight knit relationship with my cousins and even more grateful that our children are growing up close just like we did.

No Boys Allowed!  LOL. 
Watermelon Shoju (Pureed watermelon and Jinro)
That’s my sister on the left and cousin on the right.
Do you like the hair?  We were really getting into the 80’s at this point.
This card is sooo true!
Happy Birthday Hina!
We made my son escort the elders.  Teaching these Gaison boys to be good Men.

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