He Battled Cancer… & Won!

In November my sister and brother-in-law were hit with news that people pray they will never hear “You have stage 4 Cancer”.  It was one of the most heartbreaking pieces of information that I have ever received.  Marcus is more like a real brother to me than a brother-in –law.  When I first received the news the first thing that came to mind was my sister and nieces, I cried so hard for them thinking about a possibility of them having to live a life without him.  I prayed every night and tried to stay as positive as I could, sending good thoughts and hope their way.  My sister was a champ through it all, I couldn’t imagine witnessing the person I love going through the pain and sickness that Marcus had to endure, but she did it day in and day out.  Marcus was the most positive person, living life as if nothing was wrong with him.  He is one of the most respectful, kind hearted people that I know and is there for anyone who need him at the drop of a dime.

Marcus and Tasha
My beautiful nieces Malika and Marli

Yesterday while on my lunch break I got a text alert from my sister saying “Guess who beat his Cancer?” I literally lost my breath and started bawling. The impact of the news hit me so hard that every emotion pulsed through me. I am so happy that he fought through and overcame this selfish disease. He still has another Chemo treatment to do, but knowing that this is the last one must make it seem like a piece of cake for him. The joy that I feel for my sister, Marcus and my nieces, words just can’t explain. I am so excited for them to start this new chapter in their lives.


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