A “Psychic Vampire” is a term used to describe someone who takes and takes without giving in return and sucks the energy out of that person by their actions and words; they literally leave the other person feeling emotionally drained and exhausted. Well lucky me, I have a psychic vampire in my life *sigh*. Let me just start by saying that I am a big “giver” and love to help people in any way that I can. I admit that I do have a hard time saying ‘no’ but rarely find myself ever wanting to because I am happy to help. However, this particular person only calls when she needs a favor or to complain about… pretty much anything and everything. There is so much jealousy towards those who have good things happen in their lives and she makes it very clear that she deserves it more than them.

She also literally “hates” people in her family and wishes bad upon them. The big problem is that I truly care about her, I’ve known her for years and have grown to love her like family, but even with family members you can find yourself never wanting to be around them. Through out the years I’ve tried to understand why she’s such a bitter person and have, at times felt sorry for her. But as the years go on the complaining has only gotten worse- still about the same issues and frankly I’ve got to the point where I feel sick whenever she calls. I ignore most of the calls but still feel like a terrible person and end up calling her back at some point, only to end the conversation frustrated that I said ‘yes’ to a favor that I do not want to do or drained from hearing about how so and so is so irritating or how she needs this or that but has no money. I tend to sugar coat the conversation by saying things like “I understand, but maybe…” or “I can get it for you on my next day off’ or even “I’m really busy let me call you right back”.

I really hate that I can’t say what I really want, which is “All this negativity that you hold within you is the reason why you’re not getting more out of life” and “Maybe if you would get a job and earn money to buy yourself the nice things that you want you would feel good about yourself and actually be happy”. Hopefully I will find a way to deal with our relationship in a mature way that will not destroy it. I’d love for her to realize just how she makes people feel and hope that she would take it to heart and not get upset. I’ve been working myself up to confronting her about everything, but am nervous to do so. I will keep you all updated on the situation. Have any of you ever had someone like this in your life? Did you confront them? I’d love some advice!




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