Bumble & Bumble Invisible Oil for my damaged hair

My hair dresser Brandi is one of my closest friends and I see her every 3 weeks for what is supposed to be a “touch up” on my existing color, but always turns out to be something totally different. There have been times when I know she wants to literally kill me- or at least grab the buzzer and shave me bald- whenever I sit down in her chair and ask for an extreme change. Here is a screen shot of our text conversation, just so you have a little idea of just how our relationship is…

As you can see on March 28th I went in and made my then highlighted hair a deep burgundy with copper highlights only to quickly get sick of it and want to go back to blond highlights. Not even 3 weeks later I was texting her. Yes, I do realize that I have a problem. Well I paid for it big time because my hair is so damaged right now. Luckily I have a lot of products that I use to pass off my hair as looking “healthy” heehee 🙂 I remembered getting a sample of this product from the woman at the register at Sephora and tried it out the other night. I love this product. I applied about a dime size (maybe a little more because I always add more than needed) to my hair and what I loved at first is that the product actually acted as a detangler. While blow-drying and flat ironing it created a protective seal that left the end result feeling soft, shiny and healthy, without the oily feel that most oils leave behind. Because it is a pricey product I won’t say to go out and get it because everything works differently on everyone, but definitely ask for a sample.

Here is a picture that I took after using the product.  It’s a terrible picture but it’s the best I could do. 


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