Camping? No thanks! Glamping? Maybe!

My idea of camping is renting a beach front hotel room, or if I really wanna rough it I’ll do a cabin.  I love nature and the beauty that it holds, but for me I love it while being viewed through a window and under some shade.  This summer my dad and Kahele are both trying to plan camping trips.  They know how I feel and that I’ll probably leave at night in order to go home and sleep indoors. But they’ve both been trying really hard to talk me into living the entire experience. The idea of going camping twice this summer is really making me anxious.  However, I’ve recently discovered “Glamping”, and let me tell you glamping it right up my alley.  While browsing Pinterest I’ve found some cool things that may help enjoy the outdoors a little more.  I’ve sent many of these pictures to Kahele to prepare him for what he needs to provide in order to get me camping this summer. So most of the photos I found on Pinterest were very glamorous, but lets face it… I’m not rich so I really had to be realistic about what I could have. The following pix are for  “Glampers” on a budget like me LOL.

Yes Please.
Probably the most important thing for me would be a comfortable bed.
This hammock, a good book and a glass of wine.
I would need a private shower.
One thing that I hate the most are public bathrooms, so this is a must.

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