Things that help to get me out of a funky mood.

~~ I get lost in a good book. Sometimes this is impossible if I have too much weighing on mind, but if I’m just in a bad mood or feeling grumpy I love to read  chick-lits or cozy mysteries.

~~ I listen to some chill music. Some of my favorite artists to listen to that will calm me when I’m feeling frustrated are: Gavin Degraw (my favorite), Cold Play, John Mayer and Maroon 5.

~~ Get a massage. When I’m feeling sad, frustrated or angry I usually hold it inside which causes a lot of body tension. Getting a massage is always the solution for me. Not only does touch help to heal, but the ambiance is perfect for meditation as well. It’s good for the body and soul.

~~ Just Breath. Meditation has become a huge part of my life. I don’t always have time to find a quiet spot and sit and clear my mind. But I’ve learned that meditation is not always about that. Some meditation teachers emphasize that meditation is a state of mind involving awareness and acceptance, and can thus be done at any time in the midst of any activity. I love to do a walking meditation on my lunch breaks. I will walk across the street sit on a lounge chair with a beach view and just listen to the waves while looking at the horizon and just breathe. It’s so beautiful

~~ Alcohol! I only drink on the weekends, unless I have a girl’s night out during the week, but other than that it’s strictly the weekends for cocktails. Good company, good conversation and a good drink will usually have me laughing it up and forgetting about my troubles.

~~ Retail Therapy. Receiving a gift from someone will always bring a smile to my face, so of course buying myself a gift that I know I’ll love is even better.

~~ Sleep. Nothing ends the day of stress better than falling asleep in my comfortable bed with my flameless candles on a timer. I also find that essential oils on a warmer will help to relax me even further. I love lavender and vanilla for relaxing at night, and lemon and vanilla during the day for a nice nap.  I recommend Caldrea Vanilla Lemon (pictured below)


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