5 things I’d do differently if I were back in high school

~~I would definitely take my studies more seriously.  I used to look at C’s and be like “yay I’m passing”. If I could go back I’d strive for better grades.

~~I’d get more involved in clubs. I was on the Yearbook Committee and loved it. I wish I would have joined more things and had gotten involved in more school functions.

~~I wouldn’t spend so much time on the phone with friends. One thing that I learned the hard way is that spending too much time gossiping will create enemies. It’s like the scene in Mean Girls, words get twisted. There were so many unnecessary fights between me and my besties due to late night conversations on the phone.

~~I wish I would have done something so awesome and memorable. I love that scene from Easy A where she performs during the school assembly. EPIC!

~~I would’ve gone to my Senior prom. I missed going to my senior prom because my boyfriend and I had broken up 2 weeks prior. I had no desire to attend; now I regret it. I should have taken a friend.


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