Long Island Medium & Dinner

Last week Thursday my sister and I went to see Teresa Caputo (The Long Island Medium) live here in Honolulu.  She was absolutely amazing.  Before heading to the even my sister and I went to one of my favorite restaurants Doraku.  The food, as always, was perfection.  Here are some pictures from our night.

Lychee Sake


Red Dragon Roll

~Spicy tuna, shrimp tempura and avocado topped with unagi, red tobiko, unagi sauce, ao nori and spicy aioli.

Carpaccio Salmon

~ Thin slices of king salmon sashimi and red onions decoratively garnished with a creamy ginger sauce and tobiko.

Tuna Tataki

~Julienne daikon radish and sweet onions with seasoned wakame, kaiware, ponzu sauce, crispy garlic chips and garlic aioli.

Misoyaki Butterfish

~Black cod butterfish glazed and baked with yuzu saikyo miso and served with grilled seasonal vegetables.



Eggplant Miso

~Deep fried asian eggplant served with miso sauce

Steak Yakitori


Spicy Lobster Roll

~Lobster, shredded crab, and cream cheese.  Tempura fried served with spicy aioli.

Espresso Martini

~Espresso vodka, Bailey’s irish cream and Kahlua coffee liqueur


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