Summer is taking a toll on my blogging

Hi everyone!  It’s been a while since I’ve posted, because of summer I’m finding my free time on my days off spent having fun with the family.  I used to write my posts on my days off while the kids were in school, but now that they’re home it’s just not worth the sacrifice to log on and miss out on precious time that could be spent with them.  So at this moment I have some down time at work and decided that it’s the perfect time to post, I’ll probably start putting aside 15 or so minutes during work to concentrate on my blogging.  


I’ve been having such a blast since my children started summer vacation.  I’m actually considering finding a job as a teacher or in the public school system in order to have holidays and vacation days off with the kids and Hele.  Because he’s a teacher he’s able to stay home with our kids (lucky bugger).  It would be so great to be able to do the same and take long trips during the summers.  I hope that it works out for me.  


So much has already happened since the beginning of summer, it’s been really exciting.  My cousin had a baby, one of my best friends moved to Vegas (exciting for her, not so much for me), by son turned 10 last week.  There’s been beach time, playing outside, going to the fair and a lot of BBQ-ing.  I remember my summers as a kid spent with my cousins; we’d play from the moment we woke up till we passed out from exhaustion.  I love those memories and want my children to have the same.  

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