The Leftovers HBO

Synopsis (IMDb):

Revolves around mysterious disappearances, world-wide, and specifically follows a group of people who are left behind in the suburban community of Mapleton. They must begin to rebuild their lives after the loss of more than 100 people.

My Thoughts:
I’m excited to see the next episode of this show.  The beginning of the pilot episode immediately sucked me in! I had no idea what the show was about, so you can imagine that in the first couple of minutes the scene goes from a mother trying to comfort her crying baby, turning away for a split second and the baby is gone.  She runs out of the car to hear a little boy yelling for his father.  People just disappear out of the blue.  The show picks up years down the road where people have seemed to go a little nutso by the events that have taken place.  I was a little lost and confused of the direction that the show was taking but still can’t wait to watch more.  This show reminds me of the works of M. Night Shyamalan, whose work I love!  Have any of you seen the pilot?  What did you think?


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