Welcome to my new site!


Hello! Welcome to my new Site! It took a little contemplating before finally deciding to switch from Blogger to WordPress- I really had no good reason for doing it- at first it was out of sheer curiosity, then it turned into the exciting need for change. Sometimes it’s nice to start something new, something fresh that I can build from scratch. However, I could not part with the memories that I built while with blogger, so I ended up importing all of my posts from there to here. Blogging for me is a way for me to share my interests and exciting things that I come across in everyday life as well as a way to feed my nosy personality. There’s just something about being able to experience life through the eyes of others. A lot of travel bloggers have given me the opportunity to be transported to a destination that I may never visit. I also love getting ideas about what to cook, how to decorate my home and advice from parents about what has and hasn’t worked in their approach of raising their kids. I look forward to gaining more followers as well as visiting some new sites!


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