Back to School Shopping

I’ve been trying to get my kids excited about going back to school. It’s been much easier with my daughter because she’s been loving the back to school shopping! My boys- being the typical boys that they are- are not fond of shopping and frankly drive me nuts at the mall, so I usually just pick out their clothes and hope they like it. With my oldest son I went into stores and picture texted him items of clothing and waited for his reply on whether he liked them or not. My daughter chose a ton of new outfits, a new backpack and all of her school supplies. I’ve probably enjoyed it more than her. I remember back to school clothes shopping being the highlight of my summer. I would literally line up all of the clothes that I would wear on the first week of school- which is exactly what my daughter has done- and constantly try them on leading up to the first day.



One thing that wasn’t so fun was their dang school supply lists. OMG! There are soooo many things that I need to buy. And now the schools want to get specific on the brand of supplies. I hate that I’m trying to budget and they put “crayola brand only” after they type of crayon or marker. Or even No. 2 pencil “Mirado brand only”! Are you kidding me! I’m literally bypassing all of the 50¢ products and having to spend $2 for the specified brand. It’s ridiculous. It also doesn’t help that my daughter sees right past the cheap folders and runs towards the glittery folders. But being a glitter lover myself I was willing to splurge on these lovely folders. photo


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