ALTERNA Bamboo Smooth Kendi Oil


I’m known for damaging my hair, every month I lose more and more of it.  I will go from dark to light to lighter to hair falling out and back to dark to try and save it… its like a crazy roller coaster.  This last visit to the salon I went super light.  My hair is so damaged that if I don’t style it with some serious heat I look like freaking Mufasa!  With semi-damaged hair I would use It’s a 10 and Paul Mitchelle’s Super Skinny Serum and my hair would remain tame-  But this time around I needed to shop for something new and I found it.  This product right here is the real deal when it comes to smoothing and de-frizzing my damaged hair.  The result is a silky effect that feels light- not heavy at all like a lot of oils and serums.  Another plus is that it has a really nice scent to it. If you’re suffering from damaged hair, I really recommend this product.  Stop by Sephora and try it for yourself.

before and after

LOL! I just had to


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