Lunch & The Homeless Man

Today on my lunch break I decided to treat myself to a good meal because starting tomorrow I am committing myself to bringing lunch from home. Working in Waikiki it can get pretty expensive to eat- even at the cheap take out places I find myself spending anywhere from $8-12 a day on lunch. I chose this little Thai restaurant called Siam Square. I ordered the Pineapple Red Curry which cost $15. I took a corner window seat so that I could stare outside. As I was sitting there in the cool AC, soothing music playing in the background awaiting my $15 meal- I noticed this homeless man sitting across the street. I started to wonder about his life and just where things turned down the paths that lead him to his present situation. I also started to wonder if he’s just as happy as someone like me. I’m sure he doesn’t enjoy wondering where he’ll sleep at night or when his next meal will be, but even people with jobs sometimes face these same hardships- they work so hard just to make ends meet only to find out that they can’t make rent or they need to choose between paying their electric bill or go grocery shopping. I wonder if he wakes up every morning and walks to the beach to watch the sunrise- I wonder if he does the same at sunset. Does he take a dip in the ocean on a hot day like today? Which restaurants does he hang outside of- does he eat a good meal once in a while- maybe a Prime Rib dinner? He just sat there and observed the passerbyers, with no idea that he was having an affect on the way I look at life.

My meal was served and I enjoyed it with so much more appreciation for this little experience that I am fortunate to have. I ate slowly, savoring eat spoonful of flavors. After lunch I paid my bill and walked across the street- I took out a $10 bill and gave it to the homeless man and told him to “have a nice day” he smiled and said “Thank you, God bless you”. The warm feeling in me hasn’t gone away since then.

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