Weekend Pics

How was everyone’s weekend? My weekend was fun-filled.  We celebrated the birthdays of my niece Malika who turned 6 and also of my nephew Kaikea who turned 3.  There were also football games, shopping at the mall, lots of food, Fun Factory for the kids and movies.  We watched the movie Guardians of the Galaxy on Friday, I personally didn’t really enjoy it, but the kids loved it. Yesterday Kahele and I were able to watch the latest episode of Dominion and after that we watched the movie About Time- both were awesome!


8photo 3

My sister decorated the outside of the bedroom for my niece! Too cute

9photo 4

My baby girl having some fun in the sun!

10photo 5


photo 1

photo 5

Super easy spider treats using pipe cleaners around lollipop sticks


7photo 2


Saw this bench and wanted to take it home.


Roast pork Bi Bim Bap


Waikiki before everyone wakes up


Pineapple Curry. So Yummy

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