My weekend in photos!

Well it was a pretty interesting weekend. There were 2 hurricanes heading our way the bus system was stopped, school was canceled and the malls and movie theaters were closed. So we had nothing to do on Thursday evening and all day on Friday but to watch the storm tracker. Where our home is located we felt no effects of the storm, we had drizzling rain for maybe 5 or so hours, but that was it. The rest of the weekend was hot, hot, hot! Yesterday Kahele’s brother took our kids fishing so we took advantage of our alone time. We caught up on some televisions shows, took a drive, ate some ice cream (feeling a little guilty without the kids) and started the BBQ before everyone returned home. It really was an awesome weekend. Here are some photos.
^^Above is a video I took on Thursday afternoon. I really expected the hurricane to hit at this point^^

raine^^These were the drizzles that we had on and off on Friday^^

photo 7

photo 6^^Kahele and I took a drive up to Keaʻiwa Heiau.  One of our favorite places.  It’s so peaceful there.^^


photo 3

photo 10
^^This is pretty much what it looked like the rest of the weekend. Gorgeous right?^^

photo 9

photo 8


photo 1
photo 4The sunset was absolutely beautiful last night.

photo 5

 We grilled some Honey Mustard chicken.

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