Yummy Treat

I stopped by Honolulu Coffee company to indulge in a sweet treat!  It was soooo worth it!  After debating between macaroons, cheesecake and other tempting treats- I finally decided on this little beauty.  It’s called a Mango Cooler- the bottom layer is a mango gelatin with mint and chunks of real mango, a layer of pound cake follows and the top layer is a creamy smooth panna cotta.  The portion size was perfect and really hit the spot.  I was even lucky enough to get a window seat overlooking Kalakaua Ave.- it’s usually always crowded and seating is limited.  It was a really nice way to spend my break. BeFunky_photo 13.jpgBeFunky_photopannaBeFunky_photo 3.jpgBeFunky_photo 10.jpg BeFunky_photo 7.jpg BeFunky_photo 6.jpg


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