My top 5 Favorite discontinued fragrances

Don’t you hate when you fall in love with a fragrance and then it’s discontinued?! These fragrances below were some of my favorites and each of them I can no longer find. I’ve tried to find others that are similar to these, but have had no such luck.

^^Lanvin’s Oxygene.  Kahele bought me this fragrance when I graduated from beauty school and I absolutely loved it. The notes include iris, gardenia, sandalwood and musk.^^
^^Sheseido’s Relaxation.  I bought this fragrance years ago at Macy’s.  This is one of the prettiest scent that I’ve ever come across.  I wish that they’d bring this back! The notes included were cucumber, tea rose, peony, gardenia, cardamom and sandalwood.^^Estee-Lauder-Brasil-Dream-Womens-1.7-ounce-Eau-de-Parfum-Spray-L13326080
^^Estee Lauder Brasil Dream.  This was a beautiful explosion of floral scent. Truly and island scent that reminds me of home – Pikake lei’s, a gardenia tree at grandmas house, fresh fruits on the kitchen table everything I love about living here in Hawaii.  The notes include Guava, pineapple, orange blossoms, neroli, jasmine, lemon, bergamot and gardenia^^
^^ This was one of my favorite “fresh and fruity” scents. Perfect for a BBQ or to where to an outdoor event. I loved how it just made me feel and smell extra clean. Notes include Tuberose, Peach, Freesia, White Woods, Orris, White Hibiscus^^
^^My favorite Victoria’s Secret scent throughout high school. I am so bummed that this is discontinued it holds so many wonderful memories especially because most of my cousins also wore this. Not 100% sure of the notes included but I really wanna say sunflower, musk and maybe a little bit of citrus.^^



2 thoughts on “My top 5 Favorite discontinued fragrances

  1. You should use Fragrantica to find similar scents! For example, lots of people think Oxygene smells like Vivianne Westwood’s Flirty Alice, and there are suggestions for others as well (try Jennifer Lopez’s Miami Glow if you liked Brasil Dream).


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