Glow in the dark themed party

This weekend we celebrated my niece Kyla’s birthday.  Her theme was “Glow in the dark dance party”.  It turned out amazing.  The kids had such a blast- everything glowing, karaoke and dancing!  Here are some pictures.

BeFunky_photo2 1.jpg BeFunky_photo2 4.jpg BeFunky_photo3 1.jpg BeFunky_photo 1.jpg

^^I found that Kylas at that age where shopping is not easy for a birthday.  Too old for dolls too young for makeup.  I decorated a mason jar and added some goodies and an Icing gift card.^^BeFunky_photo 3.jpg

^^Even I got into the fun.  Matching glow mask with my daughter^^BeFunky_photo 12.jpg

^^Love the glow sticks as the cupcake toppers.  We had to make sure the little ones didn’t eat them^^BeFunky_photo 14.jpg

^^ My daughter left the party with lots of glow accessories^^BeFunky_photo 22.jpg BeFunky_photo 23.jpg

^^ Kyla won this game.  Literally put the whole donut in her mouth^^BeFunky_photo 25.jpg

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