Social Media forces us to live like we’re being video taped

Just about everyone has a phone camera, usually in-hand, waiting for the next interesting thing to capture to share via social network. Over the last month I have seen so many videos by bystanders showing things like police brutality, domestic violence, road rage and violence between individuals in public places. Though there are advantages to being able to video tape these types of incidents for evidence- there are times when people just cross the line when it comes to privacy. For example when you pull up next to someone and notice them singing in the car next to you (which I do all the time) it’s crossing the line to video tape them and post it for everyone to see. I hope to god there are no videos of me belting to Celine Dion floating around out there… so embarrassing. I’m not the most graceful walker either- I’m constantly tripping and falling and I would hate for someone to capture that and share it. I am always telling my oldest son to really be careful about the things that he post- not just of himself but of his friends too. I also tell my kids to conduct themselves like they’re being watched, because there are people out there that could very well catch you in the act of doing something wrong or capturing something that you wouldn’t want other people seeing. It’s sad that the world has come to this- teens these days don’t think about how the things they post could cost them getting a job or even ruin their reputation. I’ve seen so many teens in videos being taped by other teens doing very inappropriate things, and it’s floating all over Youtube and other sites. Some of these kids don’t even know they’re being taped and later find themselves in situations where they become depressed and even want to take their own lives. I think that as parents the most important thing is to educate our kids on the long term consequences of posting ANYTHING on social media- and to respect the privacy of others.

10-10-bullybystander 3750f4ba490b88f8586882ec20f25c1912e382ee Taping a fight.


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