50 Random Facts About Me


1. I was born in Hawaii on the island of Oahu in the city of Kailua  I’ve lived on Oahu my entire life.
2. When I was younger I took Ballet and Jazz for a few years.
3. I come from a HUGE family. My dad has over 100 first cousins.
4. I am extremely close to most of my first cousins. Some I actually am more like a sibling to.
5. I have 2 sons and 2 daughters. They are my life.
6. 2014 and 2015 were the craziest years of my life. My parents got divorced, my brother-in-law passed from cancer, Kahele’s grandmother passed from cancer & my daughter was born. Talk about a roller coaster of emotions.
7. My eldest son is not from Kahele. This has taught me that sometimes the best things come from the worst experiences. He is my foundation to all good that has happened since he entered this world.
8. My favorite color is mauve. Not light pink or purple….MAUVE!
9. Speaking of mauve…my favorite flower is the Sterling Rose.

10. I love food! I’m like a bottomless pit. I’m not skinny or fit by any means, but with the amount I eat I should be HUGE!
11. My favorite cocktail is Malibu Rum and Diet Coke.
12. I need to sleep in complete quiet and darkness. If Kahele falls asleep before me and starts snoring I will not sleep well.
13. Mayonnaise is my food enemy! It is the grossest thing ever. *gags*
14. Cats are my biggest fear. I don’t know why but I hyperventilate when I see them.
15. I suffer from anxiety, there’s really no controlling when it will hit or how bad it will be.
16. I love makeup, perfume and everything girly… Especially GLITTER!
17. I love ice-cream. My favorite ice cream is Dairy Queen’s Heath Blizzard
18. My dream is to one day own a cupcake shop

19. I am a licensed cosmetologist and message therapist.
20. I also have Associates in Criminal Investigations and Bachelors in Psychology.
21. I should also mention that I have my Bartending License (I love learning new things)
22. 1 more thing… I’m Reiki 2 certified. Reiki has changed my life so much with anxiety and just feeling at peace.
23. I recently discovered that while in Vegas play BINGO. Not only are you not putting tons of money in a machine and potentially losing it. But you also can go with a group and drink and eat. Oh and if you win the payout is awesome.
24. I literally feel my Grandpa’s spirit around me.
25. I’m addicted to reality television. Real housewives, Mob Wives, Vanderpump Rules, the list goes on and on…
26. I have 7 tattoos. All of them can be hidden.
27. I love music! My favorite singer is Celine Dion followed closely by Gavin Degraw. My favorite band is Kings of Leon and my favorite performer is Beyonce (followed closely by Britney bitch!)
28. I’ve been told I’m the life of the party, but I really like being alone in peace and quiet.
29. I’m a movie buff. I love all movies but my faves would have to be chick flicks and mafia movies. My favorite movie is Goodfellas.
30. I also love to read. I love crime books and chick lits but I’ve really been loving cozy mysteries lately.
31. The furthest I’ve been from Hawaii is Nevada. I hate flying and anything further I’d probably have an anxiety attack on the plane.
32. I love to get together with my girlfriends and drink and gossip (don’t judge me; I’m not a mean girl). I’m just nosy and wanna know all the latest.

33. I’m not a good test taker. I could know all the material but once I’m in a situation where I’m being tested on it I literally go dumb.
34. I mentioned earlier that I love perfume… yeah, that was an understatement. I’m obsessed with perfumes. I think it’s safe to say that I have over 50 fragrances on my dresser. I’ve had to train myself to start buying roller ball perfumes at a fraction of the price because I’ve spent way too much money on bottles that go bad because I don’t use them enough.
35. I like to watch television shows after the season ends because it’s too much torture to wait a week for the continuation.
36. I love to cook. More importantly, I love to cook for family. I put a lot of love into what I prepare for them.
37. I’m a loyal friend and I expect to have loyal friends. I’m very selective on the people I keep in my circle.
38. I don’t have a Facebook or Instagram. Shocking right?!
39. I once stole a mounted metal notepad from a ritzy hotel in Vegas. It was by the “house” phone in the lobby. I was young and didn’t know about the high security in all the hotels. Luckily I didn’t get caught.
40. I don’t like animated movies. My sister takes my kids to Disney movies in the theater. I’ve “heard” the movie Frozen tons of times but have never watched it.
41. I’m super stubborn. Don’t tell me to change my mind because my way is always better *chuckles*

42. I don’t understand why alcohol is legal but marijuana isn’t. I’d much rather be around someone high on weed than a drunken person. I believe that alcohol kills and marijuana heals. I’ve seen the healing powers of marijuana first hand with family members suffering from cancer.
43. I’m a worry wart and literally find myself praying for the safety and health of my children and loved ones throughout the day.
44. My most embarrassing moment was when I was in high school. I was carrying a plate of salad with ranch on my binder and walking. A friend yelled my hand and I lifted my right hand to wave and the plate slipped and I had ranch dressing all over my dress. I was in the café where everyone saw.
45. My nationalities consist of Hawaiian, Filipino, Portuguese, French, Irish & German.
46. When I see the color orange I get a bitter taste in my mouth. I know it’s weird.
47. I don’t like the beach! Don’t like the sun, sand, salty air and wind.
48. I’m a mic hogger when at a Karaoke bar. My family literally hides the extra mic from me.
49. I’m always on time and hate when people make me wait.
50. Traffic is a burden on my life! ugh *rolls eyes*


1 thought on “50 Random Facts About Me

  1. I also come from a family of over 100 cousins! It’s awesome to find someone else with such a big family! 😀 I didn’t know where best to put this since I didn’t see a contact page so I’m asking this here. ^ ^

    My name is Victoria Grace Howell. I blog at Wanderer’s Pen (storitorigrace.blogspot.com). I’m currently running a big series where I interview people from around the world to promote international diversity, break stereotypes, and make a crash course for writers. I’ve interviewed people from over forty countries so far. I noticed you’re from Hawaii, and I’d love to have you on the project for the United States regions segment. I’ll also promote your blog in the post. How it works is I send you a document with questions and then you send it back with your answers. You can check out one of the latest posts in the series so you’ll get an idea of what yours would look like: http://storitorigrace.blogspot.com/2017/02/so-your-character-is-from-finland.html Would you be interested in this?

    Thanks so much for your time!


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