Control your temper will ya!


I do admit that when I was younger I used to have a short temper. I never set out to hurt anyone or intimidate anyone who I was mad at- but I did behave like a spoiled brat and sometimes even get angry enough where I’d shut someone out for days, maybe even months at a time. Then I grew up- at some point people need to realize that to live this way is a total waste of valuable time- life is short and to behave in a way that will make people walk on egg shells around you just isn’t worth it. There is someone in my life like this- actually I should say there are a few people in my life like this. Everyone around them is scared to confront them about certain things in fear of their reaction. They don’t take jokes, criticism and ‘the truth’ very well- they have raging tempers for the littlest things and they’re sometimes very hard to be around. But these people are my family and friends and I love them to death. It’s so sad that I’m not being my true self around them- I’m a talker, I’m blunt and I’m a joker but I feel like I’m always biting my tongue or watchful of what I say so that I don’t push the wrong button or a fight doesn’t ensue.


These people have taught me a valuable lesson because they’ve made me very conscious of the way that I treat others just having been on the receiving end of their tirade. I always think to myself when dealing with people or spending time with family ‘If I died tomorrow, what would their last thought of me be? How did I make this person feel?’ Even when I’m at a restaurant or at a store and I don’t receive good service, I try to put myself in that persons shoes and even remember that they are someone’s family member.  I know that I would hate for someone to treat my family member terribly because they made a mistake or are having an off day. I teach my children to think this way too- to always have that ounce of understanding before reacting and to always treat others the way they wish to be treated.


Everyone experiences stress and sometimes that stress can become so overwhelming that you feel like you’re going to snap. But it really isn’t fair for those who are trying there best to be happy to be brought down by people who don’t know how to properly deal with it.


This was a topic that I had to vent about because of an experience that I had a couple of days ago where everyone was at the receiving end of someone who was having a bad day. Thank you for reading.


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