Lunch at Nordstrom Cafe

My sister and I took a little shopping trip to Ala Moana.  We ended up having lunch at Nordstrom Cafe-  it was one of the most relaxing lunches that I’ve had in a long time.  Not to mention, the food was so yummy.  We went for an early lunch so it was pretty empty in there and very quiet.  I ended up getting the mushroom ravioli with a plantation iced tea (my fave!) and my sister got a pizza.  We also shared a chinese chicken salad.  I want to make it a Friday tradition that we eat here for lunch- the only thing is that its quite a drive from home.

BeFunky_photo 20.jpg

BeFunky_photo 15.jpg BeFunky_photo 14.jpg BeFunky_photo 13.jpg BeFunky_photo 12.jpg BeFunky_photo 11.jpgBeFunky_photo 1.jpgBeFunky_photo 9.jpg BeFunky_photo 8.jpg BeFunky_photo 7.jpg BeFunky_photo 4.jpg BeFunky_photo 6.jpgBeFunky_photo 10.jpg

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