Highway Inn Hawaiian Food

Yesterday Kahele and I had lunch at Highway Inn.  We’ve been craving their tripe stew and finally got to satisfy that craving.  They never disappoint when we dine there- everything is perfectly flavored.  Kahele had the tripe stew and a chicken laulau.  I also ordered the tripe stew and to share we ordered squid luau, butter fish, poi and haupia.

IMG_9795 IMG_9784IMG_9789

^^ Best Tripe Stew ^^


^^ The Butterfish was perfect ^^


^^ Squid Luau^^


^^ It wasn’t crowded at all.  Perfect lunch date ^^

IMG_9793 IMG_9792IMG_9796

^^ After lunch we took a drive to La Tour Cafe and picked up some yummy macarons ^^

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