L’occitane Arlesienne

My co-worker introduced me to this scent last week and since then I’ve been wanting to purchase it.  Well yesterday I finally went down to purchase it only to find that on me it’s very different than it is on her. I ended up not purchasing it and instead purchasing this La Collection de Grasse mini set. P.aspxEach of these smelled so nice when I first put them on different points of my skin- but faded to a very powdery scent (which I don’t like).  In the end I found myself getting a headache, so I’ll be returning them.  However, the Arlesienne faded to a very pretty scent that I loved.  Funny how that worked out huh?  So what I originally went to purchase I will be going back to get and returning the other.  This is some good advice when it comes to fragrances- try it on your skin and wear it for a while and see how you like it before purchasing it.

BeFunky_IMG_9812.jpg BeFunky_IMG_9811.jpg BeFunky_IMG_9810.jpg

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