Gift Guide For Beach Boys

My son’s are complete beach bums.  Their wardrobe consist pretty much of surf shorts and t-shirts.  Here are some gifts that are perfect for Beach Boys!!!


1)  Watershot camera:  A waterproof case that takes amazing photos.  This will run you between $100- $200 original price.  I’m sure there are some great sales going on though.

2) Viper Fins- $60-$100 A necessity for body surfing at Sandy Beach.

3)  BlueAnt Pump wireless waterproof bluetooth headphones- $129  This comes with a mic so beside listening to music you are able to make and receive calls as well.

4)  Hinano Tahiti Towel- $25

5) Nixon Waterproof Surf Watch-  $80 This Nixon watch is equipped with digital pre-programmed tide charts for over 200 beaches as well as a wave counter.

6) Hurley Surf Shorts- $40 original price

7)  H.I.C. Trucker Hat- $30

8) Hurley Hoodie Shirt-  $35

These are just the orginal prices.  I hardly ever buy anything at it’s original price- I’m all about seeking out the best deal I can get.  Those Hurley shorts in the picture I bought at Macys and only spent $18 with their discount and additional coupons- Same with the hoodie.  Happy Shopping 🙂


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