I have such a huge sweet tooth

I love taking photos of foods that I eat- so looking through my camera made me realize just how much sweets I consume.  I started thinking about it and it’s true… I just can’t end a meal without something sweet.  From the pictures below I see I tend to steer towards sugary snacks.  Well that’s about to change- now that I’m aware I will be making an effort to eat more “healthy” sweets.  We’ll see how long that lasts 😉

BeFunky_IMG_9664.jpg BeFunky_IMG_9665.jpg BeFunky_IMG_9779.jpg BeFunky_IMG_9797.jpg BeFunky_IMG_9806.jpg BeFunky_IMG_9831.jpg


1 thought on “I have such a huge sweet tooth

  1. I think the first couple weeks are the hardest when you decide not to eat sugary things. After that, eating something super sweet can be too much! My husband is trying to cut back on sugar right now and I’m doing it with him for support. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier! We live in Kaneohe, too. =)


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