Teenage Girl Gift Guide

I love shopping for girls!!!!  I love girly things so when I have a teenage girl to shop for, chances are that she’s going to get something super cute.  Here are some great gifts for todays teenage girl.


1) Perfume IPhone Case- $20

2) Fuji Film Instax Camera- $39  This camera instantly prints out your photos so that you can share them with friends.

3) Nicole Lee New York New York Handbag- $87  I would only buy this for a girl 17 and older- it’s a little too expensive for anyone younger.

4)  Clinique Happy rollerball perfume & lip gloss duo- $20  Happy is the perfect scent for a teenager.

5) Formula X Paint the Town nail polish collection- $39  22 mini nail polishes

6) Instax Photo Printer- $199  Allows wireless printing from your phone.

7) Sephora Color Festival Blockbuster Palette- $50  A festive, dazzling makeup palette with 130 colors for the eyes, lips, and cheeks.

8) Girly Compact Mirror- $20 Every girl need a compact mirror!


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