HELLO KITTY Pop-Up Party Eyeshadow Palette

I’ve said this before… I’m not a fan of Hello Kitty.  But I could not pass up buying this palette.  First off it was on sale for $26 which is half off from it’s original price.  Second, the pigmentation of these colors are amazing I swatched these and couldn’t believe how nice the color came out without any base.  This was such a steal-  I’m still deciding who’s gonna be the lucky one to get this gift for Christmas.

p388738-av-02-hero300 p388738-av-03-hero300 p388738-av-04-hero300 BeFunky_Hello-Kitty-Pop-Up-Party-Eyeshadow-Palette-Swatches-1.jpg BeFunky_Hello-Kitty-Pop-Up-Party-Eyeshadow-Palette-Swatches-2.jpg BeFunky_Hello-Kitty-Pop-Up-Party-Eyeshadow-Palette-Swatches-3.jpg BeFunky_Hello-Kitty-Pop-Up-Party-Eyeshadow-Palette-Swatches-4.jpg



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