Can’t believe Christmas is over!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! My Christmas was a little different this year- with my mom and dad going through a divorce my sister and I had to make time for our children to see both.  We ended up doing a Christmas Eve party that we do every year with my Dad and his side of the family and on Christmas day we went to the movies with my mom and grandma.  The rest of the day was spent with Kahele’s family.  Here are some snaps that I took during the festivities.

vv Ever since we were little we used to play this unwrapping game.  There’s a dollar wrapped in layers and layers of wrapping and duct tape- You play the music and when the music stops the person with the package gets the opportunity to try and unwrap it.  It gets pretty crazy- someone will usually end up breaking a nail.vv


image2 18 20 21



^^ Kona won the game ^^



^^ The Kupuna’s got it on the action ^^

17 16



^^ Chubby Bunny ^^

11 10

  ^^ I love my cousins ^^

7 3 2

^^ Gift Exchange ^^


^^ “Frozen” Cupcakes ^^


^^ I make these little Frozen Hot Chocolate sets as family gifts ^^

5 4

^^ Christmas Morning ^^


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