My Favorite Childhood Candies ( and the stories behind some of them)

candies.jpgA lot of these candies bring back such great childhood memories.  I’m sure there are many more candies out there that I’ve forgotten about but here are the ones I could remember. From Left to Right, Top to Bottom.

The Unicorn Swirl lollipops– These lollipops always remind me of Disneyland.

Toblerone– I don’t think I actually appreciated chocolate until eating this.

Black Jack– some of my friends and family wonder how I could like this black gum.

Cotton Candy–  Enough said!

Astro Pops–  I remember as a kid always being fascinated about the colors and how they were all separated.

Almond Roca– Reminds me of Christmas.  Every year my mom has Almond Roca on hand for Christmas Day.

War Heads– These became really popular when I was in 5th grade when my friends and I would challenge on who could put it in their mouth and not make a sour face.

Jordan Almonds– Still eat them all the time.

Candy Hearts– Still a cute gift for your partner.

Candy Cigars, Big Hunk, Malties, JujyFruit, Soda Gummies, Chiclets and Candy Corn– are just a few with no good reason but just tasting good.

Candy Buttons–  I used to think of that scene from Willy Wonka where they’re licking the wall while I ate this.

Wax Bottles with syrup–  I have no idea why I always wanted this?  Today it seems so gross, but at the time I really enjoyed it.

Pixi Stix, Jelly Nougats, Jujubes, Fruit Stripe Gum and Circus Peanuts

Violet Candy– My Nana always carried these in her purse and when she passed away we all swore that we were smelling this candy at her funeral.  It’s still a nice smell that brings back happy memories.

Pop Rocks–  I would literally pour the whole bag in my mouth at once.  I think this is the most fun candy out there.

PEZ–  Even without the fun dispenser I’ll still eat them right out of their wrapping.

Fun Dip– I loved it and my mom hated that I loved it.

Good and Plenty-  I really miss this candy.

Dum Dums-  Cotton Candy flavor is my favorite.

What is you favorite childhood candy?  I’d love to know.





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