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DIY Canvas Light Up Wall Art


I’m obsessed with Marquee signs and pretty much all decorative lighting. I’ve wanted to try and make one of my own and this was the result. I’m happy with the outcome even though what I was really going for was something totally different. This project cost me around $60 to make.

Here’s what you’ll need:


1. Paper mache’ letters that are hollow
2. Xacto knife
3. Spray Paint\
4. 2 way tape or Hot glue gun
5. String lights
6. Additional decorations (I used these pretty glittered paper flowers)

2First I hollowed out all of my letters. If I could go back I would have picked a 4 letter word like “Love” because this part was a little time consuming. Something to keep in mind.


Next you want to spray paint all of your letters. I used 2 coats to get the color I was looking for


Next I poked some holes into the letters to give it that “marquee” look.  You don’t have to do this though because the lighting effect will come from stringing lights behind the canvas.  It’s all up to you.  When you get the look you are trying to achieve, you can then set the letters by either gluing or taping.

The next part is the fun part.  Decorate!  When the decorating is done string your lights behind the canvas and secure with tape or twine.

That’s it!  You have yourself a cute little wall decoration.  I’m thinking of doing a little one for my vanity.  I think I’ll try a shape next.  Maybe some lips with red lights?  We shall see….



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