My friend is blinded by….. love?

So the story goes…

One of my best friends has just gone through a bitter divorce, because her husband was seeing someone on the side and basically told her that he wanted a divorce to be with this other woman. She is a mother of beautiful twins and has been on this crazy roller coaster for over a year now. My friends and I have seen her depressed, crying, trying to be a single mother and over the past year we’ve also seen her become a stronger person because of what she’s been through. I was very proud of her for getting through it. Thing is… Karma came back and bit him in the ass because the girl left him for another guy. Well, he came running back to my friend (of course using Valentines Day to woo her) and she was so quick to accept him back.


It’s so hard to see someone come such a long way, yet become so weak when it comes to the person that caused her so much pain. I personally don’t think she should give him the time of day, but it’s not my life and I can’t pretend to know what I would do in that situation. The hardest thing is that I have this feeling that nothing good will come out of them getting back together. In fact, I see her getting hurt all over again. What do you do as a friend then? Do you share your concerns and risk pushing her away? Or do you let her live and learn…again? And what if it does happen again- am I to be the shoulder to cry on?  I never want my friends to feel like they’ll be judged when they come to me, I’d hate for them to feel that way.  For now I’ll just keep my opinions to myself and hope for the best when it comes to her happiness… and sanity!



1 thought on “My friend is blinded by….. love?

  1. I agree with you… I have a *friend* that keeps going back to the same guy who wont marry her and isn’t really all that faithful to her… I am as lost as you are. I try to be supportive no matter what she does.. It’s hard though knowing that the same thing will happen again and that I highly doubt they will EVER get married…


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