I feel myself turning into a loner


Now don’t get me wrong I love being around my friends and family and going to parties, but recently I’ve found that I really like doing things alone. I used to be the person who would never go into a restaurant and order a table for one, or even go to the mall and walk around alone for hours. But I’ve been doing these things more often and I really enjoy it. I remember seeing people in restaurants alone when I was younger and thinking “I wish they had someone to enjoy their meal with” feeling bad that they may be lonely. I know now that they were more than likely enjoying themselves.


I’ve even gone to the movie theater by myself. It’s great! When I go with my family we end up spending around $80, for the 5 of us, on tickets and goodies from the concession. I literally spent $8 on my MATINEE ticket. I had my candy and my hydro flask in my bag. The best part about it is that I’m able to sit and enjoy the movie without answering questions, taking my daughter to the restroom, telling or running out of soda that we’re sharing and having to go and fill it up in the middle of the movie. It was a pretty fun experience.

Another exciting venture… I will be taking a trip to Vegas alone! EEEK! Well, I’ll be flying alone, which I’ve only done once but that was a 30 min plane ride to Maui. I have friends in Vegas that I’ll be hanging out with, but basically I’m going on this trip alone with no set plans. I had a free voucher that I had to use by March 1st and nobody was able to join me. After a lot of deliberation I finally decided to book the darn flight.  Cheers!!!!


2 thoughts on “I feel myself turning into a loner

  1. Good for you about the Vegas trip, I hope you have a fantastic time! I have flown by myself a few times – the main thing I miss is someone to watch my carry-on when I go to the washroom before boarding! Other than that I find it’s nice to have some time by myself on flights and sometimes I sit next to very interesting and friendly people. Now going to a movie by myself, I haven’t managed yet, but I have it on an abstract “to do” list.


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