It’s Monday *sad face*

I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend!  I know I did.  So far Monday had been so typical.  For one, I just finished a post and the dang thing got erased, so screw it I am not writing it again.  But I will share with you all yet another one of my pet peeves that I unfortunately had to experience this morning.  I absolutely hate when people are in a public bathroom and feel they are entitled to make it there home and spread all of their crap on the sink area knowing that people are going to have to use the sink after they exit the stall.  That’s what happened to me… I exit my stall and am greeted with a lady at one sink and her makeup, toothbrush and toothpaste spread out over the entire 2 sink counter area.  Instead of being considerate and moving all of her stuff when she sees me walking toward the sink, she just leaves it there.  I had to actually ask her to move her stuff and when I did she moved it without even an “excuse me” or “I’m sorry”.  I swear I just don’t get certain people sometimes.  Anyway… Thank you for reading my little vent session there… now moving on to more positive things…

Like I said, my weekend was great!  Maui did awesome at his baseball game.  He was catcher for the entire game, had a double, a triple and an RBI!  I was so proud.  Kuha’o spend the entire weekend playing with his cousins.  Me and my baby girl went and got pedis together and Kahele got to Vegg out after a long work week.  The whole fam had a great weekend! Now I’m just trying to get through today hahaa.




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