Airplane Comfort Essentials


I can’t stand being on a plane in an uncomfortable seat for a long duration, so it’s so important for me to carry on some things that will make me as comfortable as possible and also help the trip go by a little quicker. These are some of the things that help me out…

1.  An Ipad!  Seriously this is the best thing ever for a plane ride.  You can upload movies, books, music and games all on this device.

2.  Earbuds.  Beats are great because when you have them in they’re great at canceling outside noises.

3.  Hydroflask.  I love the hydrofask because things stay cold or hot for hours.  You can go to Starbucks and order your favorite drink and it’ll stay hot or cold during your plane ride.

4.  Sweater and socks.  I get really cold on a plane (especially my feet) so I need a really warm sweater and some fluffy socks.

5.  Neck Pillow and Eye Mask-  I really can’t fall asleep on a plane but I take these just in case I start to doze off.  They also provide comfort on those uncomfortable chairs.

6.  Iphone Charger or Portable Battery.  I always take both because I’m constantly using my IPad during the plane ride and my phone before the plane ride.  Just to be safe I have my portable battery ready as a backup.

7.  Lip Balm-  My lips always get chapped.

8.  Gum- You never know if you’ll sit by someone who wants to hold a conversation.  You may even need to offer them one.

9.  Snacks- I love these dehydrated sliced bananas that you can get at Wholefoods or Down to Earth.  I also love these little packets of Nutella.  Chocolate covered bananas… Yummy!


2 thoughts on “Airplane Comfort Essentials

  1. I have just about the same list except I’ve never used a neck pillow – although I really might consider one for my next trip. I especially agree with you about the liquid container – I’m surprised more people don’t travel with one!


    • I love my container. I got it right before my last trip and ordered a Chai Latte and poured it in. 3 hours into the flight it was still nice and hot- which is a treat on a cold plane 🙂


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