I’m leaving on a jet plane…

Hi guys!!! Guess where I’m visiting today? I’ll be taking a flight and visiting New York, Venice, Paris, Monte Carlo and even Egypt!!! I can’t wait to see the Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty, Pyramids and the Grand Canal!!! Ok, ok, so I’m not going to those actual places but I am going to see models of these wonderful places in…. Las Vegas Baby!!!

I’m sooo excited for this short little trip that I’m about to set out on. I was a little nervous because I couldn’t find anyone to join me- but one of my best friends just moved up there this past year and she actually was able to take vacation from her job and will be with me the entire time. I’m so grateful that her husband is okay with it being that they have 5 kids. He and Kahele are in the same boat being single fathers this weekend. Lol! We haven’t really made any set plans yet, but I do know that I want to visit the Neon Museum as well as the Titanic Exhibit at Luxor. We plan to see a show (don’t know which one yet), eat at some unique restaurants and hopefully win a l̶i̶t̶t̶l̶e̶ lot :). I would be so appreciative if you all can give me some suggestions of some cool hidden treasures that you may have come across while there that would be worth me trying out. I have my favorites like The Sugar Factory, Serendipity and Jean-Philippe! Can you tell I have a major sweet tooth? But I really do want to try some new things.  So yes, I’m open to all suggestions!


3 thoughts on “I’m leaving on a jet plane…

  1. This sounds exciting! You should check out a tour at the Neon Boneyard but try to go there when it is dark to see all the old signs lit up 🙂 We also visit a big antique mall when we visit Vegas…it’s about 1 mile south of the strip on your right 🙂 Have fun!


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