An Evening at the emergency room in Vegas

In my last post I mentioned briefly how my Saturday evening in Vegas was spent waiting for my friends husband to get admitted at the hospital.  First off it really sucked spending a big chunk of my vacation doing this.  Secondly it took the stupid hospital over 6 hours to admit the guy.  A little word of advice… avoid the emergency room as much as possible try doing urgent care instead.

The day started off great. We ate at Serendipity, one of my favorite restaurants, then we headed off to South Point Casino.  We planned to play a few games of BINGO (never tried it before this trip but it’s really fun) with my friends mom- we ended up only playing one game before the phone calls started rolling in from Sarah’s husband Sam.  This is where it started to go down hill.  Because Sarah had a little too much to drink I had to drive them to the emergency room. Being that  I was their ride I had to wait…. and wait… and wait… until I couldn’t wait any longer because I started to fall asleep.

Sarah finally got into the car and I dropped her off to her kids.  Then driving back to my hotel I encountered 3 accidents within 2 miles of each other.  It took me over an hour to get back to the hotel.  So here I am, the chauffeur, falling asleep behind the wheel, experiencing road rage on a whole nother level, having an emotional breakdown because all I can think about is how I just want to hop the next flight home.  Basically it was a total nightmare.


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