My 10 favorite blogs to follow

I love reading my blog feed!  I follow some really fun and amazing blogs.  I’ve only switched over to WordPress in the last year and already have a few favorites here as well.  Life.Love.Lindsey,  Confetti & Curves, The Girl in Glasses, & Hafeleswife, have become some of my recent faves!  Here are 10 blogs that I follow religiously.  Everyday they have something new and creative to share, they open up their lives with their families and travels and it’s just pure entertainment to me.  Thank you so much to these beautiful bloggers for providing me with inspiration and a few moments of great reading everyday…

donedeardrea  Oh Dear Drea –  I love Drea and her beautiful daughter.  She has a unique style about her that makes you want to read and read on…


donelovetaza  Love Taza– Taza shares bits and pieces of her life in New York with her husband and 3 beautiful little ones.

donetwothirdsTwo Thirds Hazel- Erin is hilarious!  She is so witty that I just know that we’d be friends if we ever met in real life.

donetotheseaTo The Sea-  Erica just reminds me of a local girl from Hawaii.  She shares about her life as a Nomad along with her husband, daughter Evita and little baby Damian.  I love reading about her travels.

donepatbPatricia Baret in France-  This American beauty shares about her life in France.  I’m super excited for her because she is about to give birth to a little girl after struggling with the loss of past pregnancies.

donenorthernNorthern Belle Diaries–  Lisette has one of the most beautiful blogs out there.  She and her husband just bought a new home and I’m so excited to see how she puts her signature on it.

donemycakiesMy Cakies-  Rubyellen is a stay at home mom who home-schools her 4 cute daughters.  There names are True, Brave, Soul and Glow… with names like those you know that this blog is anything but boring.

donelondonerThe Londoner-  Rosie’s blog is full of fun, great food and travel.  I swear if I didn’t have children I would love to live the life she does.  So much adventure.

donewelltraveledThe Well-Traveled Wife.  Emi and her husband are adventurous travelers.  She takes some amazing photos.  Oh, and they moved to San Fransisco where they both work at Google!  Everyone will get something out of reading her blog… it’s that much fun!

donebeautifulmessA Beautiful Mess–  Sisters Elsie and Emma have taken their crafting skills to a whole other level.  I’ve been following them for years now and have seen their blog evolve into an amazing site.  I love their style, their tattoos and their staff!  By far my favorite blog!!!!

I love finding new and fun blogs to follow, so please feel free to recommend some to me.








6 thoughts on “My 10 favorite blogs to follow

  1. Oooooh wow!!!! This has made my entire week let alone day!!! Thank you so so so much huni… beyond chuffed and delighted to be included in your recent WordPress Fav’s!!! I haven’t checked out these other blogs yet so really looking forward to catching up with them 🙂 Have a super weekend and thanks again for making me feel super special *happy dance* Karen Xo


  2. you are so darling! so surprised to see our blog as i scrolled through here 🙂 thanks dear! love your other picks as well!



  3. Thank you!!! I read it and I literately got the most cheese-y grin on my face! Love your blog too, I always look forward to hearing about your family and your life adventures…


    • Oh oh oh… Also I checked out the other blogs and I looooove alot of them, I started following a few of them myself, so thank you!


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