The Weekend Can’t Come Fast Enough!!!

It’s finally Friday. This week dragged by way too slow. My kids and Kahele were all on spring break and I had to work, basically every day this week started off with me waking up and getting ready for work while the kids were still in bed. I went from grump mode in the morning, to bitchy mode right before leaving to work to full on Beast Mode driving to work. It’s been a loooong week for me. And remember a couple of posts back where I mentioned that my “boss” pretty much drives me to the point of insanity? Yeah well he totally jacked up my schedule next week leaving us (Kahele and I) to rely on grandparents to act as chauffeurs for our kids to and from school and baseball practices (which just kills me because it really is our responsibility). I just don’t know how people without family to call on do it! We are truly blessed. On a positive note… I’m considering actually taking the leap and leaving my job to pursue bigger things. It’s something that I’m struggling with because I do love my job and my co-workers, which is the main reason I stay, but the work environment has become tainted with negativity and it’s just not healthy anymore.


Some plans for the weekend…

This morning I started off my day with a yummy smoothie from Lanikai Juice. I got the Coco Champ. So yummy! Then my beautiful co-worker brought me breakfast from Mitsu-Ken (after trying to be healthy lol, but I’m not complaining). So far my morning has been great, so maybe today’s work day won’t be as bad as I anticipated.

IMG_1466 FullSizeRender

Tomorrow, Maui has a baseball game at the exact same time that Kuha’o has baseball practice and Kahele’s track meet. My family is pretty much split up all over the island. Tomorrow’s gonna be a little hectic. The good thing is that by 6pm we’ll all be home. Maybe we’ll have a movie night with a bunch of goodies to snack on.

Sunday we have absolutely no plans. Yippee!!! I love lazy Sundays. I’ll probably do a Walmart trip or maybe get a pedicure with Téa? Both sound great. And for sure we’ll have our Sunday BBQ with the fam bam!


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