A Morning At Ka’a’awa Beach

BeFunky_IMG_1537.jpgLast week my oldest son and my daughter were on Spring Break, and this week I have my younger son on break along with a couple of his cousins. So, we the parents, decided to get together and meet at our childhood beach spot this morning.  Since I had to come into work at 1pm and the boys had baseball practice later on, we figured that it was best to go early this morning.


It was so nice to go back to this spot- my mom and dad along with all of my aunties, uncles, cousins and grandparents would spent at least twice a month at this location.  I remember getting there before sunrise and playing in the water, BBQ-ing, taking naps and running around with all of my cousins until way after the sunset. My cousins and I have so many great memories at this location.  I love that we are so close and that we all want our own kids to be just as close to their cousins as well.


The morning was beautiful.  There was a little drizzle, but when you’re with the people you love, laughing and seeing your kids with smiles on their faces, there is very little that can ruin the moment.  It was just too bad that Maui and Tea are back at school this week, it would’ve been nice to have all the kids there. Well I guess it just means that we’ll just have to get together again really soon. Maybe even set up a hibachi *wink wink*



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