decisionsI’ve been debating this for a while and I keep cringing just thinking about whether or not it’s worth it.  I love how easy is but it doesn’t allow me all the cool things that were available before I switched over from blogger.  I loved my little ‘pin-it’ buttons that allowed me and other bloggers to automatically add a photo from my blog to Pinterest.  I also loved my signature at the end of every blog post.  I think I just overall loved that I was able to make my site exactly how I wanted it with almost no restrictions.  I want that again and it seems like the only way to have all that it to make the switch, but I’m nervous because I’m not sure how confusing the process will be.  Have any of you switched from .com to self-hosted?  Was it worth it? I’d really appreciate your feedback.  I’d also love to know if things like the “pin-it” or signature can be done without switching over- I’ve researched a lot and it seems impossible to do it.  Thank you guys 🙂


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