Manuheali’i Kailua


In a couple of weeks we (Kahele and I, along with his family) will be attending the O’o awards. The ‘Ō‘ō Award has become one of the most prestigious honors presented to outstanding Native Hawaiians who, through their talents, have made significant contributions to improve our communities and the well being of Native Hawaiians. Kahele’s dad is being honored, so it’s a pretty big deal. As big of a deal as this is, the event itself isn’t “black tie” or anything like that, it’s pretty casual. The appropriate thing to wear would be something “Aloha” attire, which I have nothing. I know, you’re all thinking ‘a local girl living in Hawaii has nothing Aloha wear’? Sadly, it’s true. It’s just not my style, but I’m willing to change it up a little and get me a nice aloha print skirt or blouse.  Anywhoooo… I needed to find something, so I went to a popular store that the locals go to. Manuheali’i is a family owned company and they come up with some super cute designs. Just check out there website here. Because they are an “out with the old in with the new” collection type of shop, sometimes you may see something on someone else that you like and when you go to buy it its no longer there. My cousin has a few really nice pieces that I was hoping I’d see, but just my luck they were out. So onward to the next shop. Let’s hope that I find something nice in time.








This print really caught my eye and I was really close to buying it, but after trying it on… let’s just say that it was very unflattering.



They have some really cute accessories.  I’d definitely buy this bag.



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