I found 2 gorgeous scented candles from Chesapeake Bay

I am a scent freak!!!! I’ve mentioned this before many-a-times.  I love walking through the fragrance department and finding new fragrances to try.  There is always a big chance that I’ll walk out with something (even if it’s asking the sales person for a sample lol).  It’s kind of an addiction.  The same goes for the home!  I love having a nice smelling home, as well as walking into someone else home and it smelling nice.  Candles are always nice because the scent lasts, while air freshener sprays disappear after a little bit.  I also love the oils with the reeds, those seem to last the longest… that’s my experience at least. But my favorite has to be candles, unfortunately I would hardly buy them because I don’t like the flame, so I really wouldn’t get the full benefit out of them. I have a phobia of fire in the house (I also don’t have a gas stove).  So, when I discovered these candle warmers I got really excited about being able to finally buy candles and being able to have their scent fill a room without the worry of starting a fire by flame.  Yesterday I was browsing around Ross and found these two Chesapeake Bay candles for $5 each!!! Whaaaa???  They smell amazing.


This Kiwi Lemonade…. If I didn’t smell this and immediately want to create a drink afterward.  It is that yummy.  Sweet, tart, crisp and bright.  This is a great scent for Spring heading into Summer.  I put this candle in my bathroom and after only about an hour I could smell it without even lighting it or warming it.

chesapeake-bay-candle7-8-oz-coconut-jasminejarcandle-kThe Coconut Jasmine I used as my bedroom scent.  It is calming as well as uplifting.  It really makes me happy.  This scent reminds me of a Spa.  Have you ever been in a spa at a beach resort?  Well if you haven’t this is the perfect candle to transport you to one.  Just keep it on your bedside table, open up your windows, let the breeze flow in and lay down and close your eyes.  AHHHHH

If you’re like me and don’t like flame in your home this candle warmer works really good and it’s pretty too 😉



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