Hawaii Prince Court Buffet

On Sunday I met up with my girlfriends for a nice brunch.  We decided on the Prince Court Buffet.  This is one of the best buffets I’ve ever been to, and I’ve been to a lot.  I think that the thing I liked best about this buffet is that all the selections were prepared nicely and everything that I chose tasted yummy.  There are buffets out there that add things to their buffet and it looks so pretty but when you taste it… barf!  This wasn’t one of those huge buffets but there were plenty of things to choose from.  Click here for their Sunday Brunch Menu.

16It’s such a beautiful restaurant overlooking the Ilikai Marina


 We were lucky to get a window table

108Of course if Plantation Iced Tea is being served then that’s what I’ll have

15 14 12 7 6 5I took a little browse around before actually making my plate… you know… for the blog and all.

1The sushi bar is a great place to start


I pretty much just piled on all that could fit on the plate.  I did have a salad plate before this one.


And for the finally…. DESSERT!!!! The taro cheese cake (purple) and the bread pudding with vanilla bean sauce were both awesome!

Definitely make time to visit this buffet whether you’re kama’aina or visitor.  And go really hungry, I was smart and didn’t eat dinner the night before or anything that morning.

Hawaii Prince Hotel

2nd floor

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