My Starbucks Barista Needs an Attitude Adjustment

I understand that sometimes people have to take a job that they may not particularly like in order to have an income and take care of what need to be taken care of financially. I also get that people have their good days and their bad days and that no matter how hard you try and keep your personal and professional lives separate it doesn’t always happen. I am guilty of having some really crappy mornings and find it so difficult to put on a smile at work… I get it! I really do! But this barista at the Starbucks that I go to at least 3 times a week is always grouchy- it’s come to the point where I really want to call her out on it. I mean seriously… for most people this is their first stop of the day, they are coming in to this establishment for their morning fix. She never has a smile on her face, she seems so unhappy to be preparing drinks and when it’s time to hand off the drink she says (in a very monotone voice) the persons name with absolutely no “have a nice day” or “thank you for coming”. What a killjoy! To make it even worse, she works in Waikiki where most of their clients are on vacation!!! Almost every worker in Waikiki exudes the “Aloha Spirit”. It is a huge part of our jobs.

anything else

So I’ve come up with a plan… tomorrow I will go into Starbucks and buy her a cake pop! I will leave it with the cashier and have them anonymously give it to her. It seems that every morning must be shitty for her because she’s never in high spirits when she’s at work. Maybe a little gift will be just the thing to change that little attitude of hers into a positive and happy one.



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