Update on Yesterdays Post

So this morning I did it.  I walked into Starbucks and once again the barista was standing there looking not too happy.  I ordered my drink and a cake pop and asked the cashier to “please give my barista this cake pop as a little gift”  he said “sure”.  After she made my drink and handed it to me I said “Thank you so much for making my Tea every morning” and guess what people…. She Smiled and said “You’re Welcome”!  Wow!  That’s all it took! I hope that her little gift makes her day absolutely awesome!  I think that sometimes the only thing that people need is to feel appreciated.  I know that sometimes it gets so exhausting to wake in the morning and do all the things I do to get my kids ready for the day, and when I get a kiss and a simple “Thank you”  it makes it that much more rewarding for me as a mom. Whenever I wake a little early and cook a nice breakfast I usually pack a to-go container for Kahele and it’s so worth it when he calls my phone and says “Thank you so much for making my coffee and packing me a breakfast.  You’re the best!”.  My heart just expands!



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