Lunch at the Cattle Company

Yesterday there was a big accident on the road while taking the kids to school.  We were still stuck on the highway after their school started so Kahele and I decided to keep them home and have a Family Day since we were both off.  I had a doctors appointment (that I got to just on time) so Kahele took the kids to the beach to kill some time before picking me up.  Then we did a little shopping at the mall before going out to eat.  We decided on the Cattle Company- we haven’t eaten there in a while and each of us loves this restaurant, so there were smiles all around.


Of course we started off with the breads!!!!  Our favorite appetizer is their garlic cheesy bread.  We always have to order 2!


Then we tried the spinach artichoke dip!  Our new must have!



Kahele and Kuha’o both ordered their usual, the bacon cheeseburger.


Maui is trying to diet so he ordered the Ceasar’s Salad.  But still had 5 pieces of bread, a loaded side of fries and finished his brothers burger lol.


Okay, I confess I ate the biggest meal!  But… I didn’t have dinner the night before or breakfast.  On top of that I had 6 viles of blood drawn a couple of hours before… so yes, I deserved this!

3 thoughts on “Lunch at the Cattle Company

  1. Hi!! Okay that food looks AWMAZINGLY YUMMY!!! Totally jealous.. And I LOOOOOOVE unexpected family fun days like that! How FUN! And gezzzzz girl 6 viles of blood that’s impressive, I would be starving about that.. Hope all is ok health wise! And I love how your Starbucks idea went over.. I so wanted to comment but my computer died and I finally was able to get on it.. * I HATE commenting on my phone it just takes FOREVER..* So I wanted to let you know that even though all was quite on the comments I was totally reading and cheering you on!! I loved that idea and I think I might do that if I ever notice an unhappy worker. What a blessing you were to her! 🙂


    • Hahaaaa! Yes all is well. It was so funny because after I did that for the Starbucks barista my brother in law told me that when he was at the supermarket that same night the guy behind him in line asked if he could pay for his carton of ice cream because he wasn’t able to do his “good deed” for the day! I was shocked and had to share my story with him. We all agreed that we would try to do something nice for a stranger everyday, even if its just saying something small like “nice dress”.

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      • that’s awesome! What comes around goes around! I love that idea of trying todo something nice for someone every day even if it is only a smile and a compliment… 🙂


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