Happy Cinco de Mayo and Happy Boy’s Day!!!!  I had no idea it was either until my daughter pointed it out to me this morning.  She said…

Tea- Mom, today is boy’s day.  I don’t like boy’s day because today at the end of school all the girls have to put up the boy’s chairs too.  It’s not fair!

Me- Did the boy’s have to do that for the girls on Girl’s Day?

Tea- Yes, but that’s different because boy’s need to be nice to girls.

Me- Well if they did it for the girls than it’s fair that you girls do it for them.

Tea-  I wish I could just stay home from school today *insert sad face*

Inside I was cracking up.  I think we spoil her, being that she’s the youngest of three and has two older brothers she really does get treated like a princess.

Here’s a pic of my Cinco de Mayo lunch today!  Chile Relleno


I hope everyone enjoys their day!


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