Lunch @ Farrells with my Princess

So, on Mother’s Day things didn’t go exactly according to planned.  We were originally going to drive around the island and eat some Kahuku shrimp from Giovanni’s but it was rainy and windy and we really didn’t want to take a drive and eat outdoors in that type of weather. With no back up plan we sat and thought of something else to do.  The boy’s all wanted to go and watch The Avengers  and I wanted to watch Hot Pursuit.  The boys all had breakfast and we (Tea and I) didn’t. What ended up happening was that the boys went ahead to watch their movie and Tea and I had lunch and saw Hot Pursuit.  It all worked out so perfectly that when we exited our movie the boys were exiting theirs (because their movie was a whole hour and something longer than ours).  We all ended up going home happy that afternoon!  Happy faces was the best Mother’s Day gift.

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